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Where to Eat in Alicante

Where to Eat and Restaurants in Alicante

In every city is required to have good restaurants, and the city of Alicante can not complain about the quality they have restaurants in the area, as the value for the price of most of the restaurants in the city of Alicante is quite good.

We highlight some of the best restaurants, pubs and bars in the city of Alicante, 7 July BBQ Restaurant, Corner Mediterranean restaurant, the restaurant Taberna del Puerto, Penthouse Restaurant, Restaurant Island Marina, the restaurant John XXIII, the Cesar Anca restaurant, Aladdin Moroccan restaurant or restaurant La Cantera.

Typical dishes in Alicante

Alicante In these restaurants you can eat some of the typical dishes of the city of Alicante, but the dish par excellence is King Rice, either in the form of paella or risotto or rice Baked.


You can enjoy dishes like Rice to Alicante, rice with rabbit, Baked Rice, Rice huertano, but also of the rice we eat Altabayacos the almojábenas, All i Oli, the Boqueron or Meatballs eels in garlic and parsley.

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